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The evolution of the slot game is really something to behold. From a one arm bandit of yesteryear to a 25-payline free spins progressive jackpot slot. Wow!

So what does all of this mean?

It’s a good question in actual fact, and one we’re asked a lot. Mainly we get asked to explain what the term ‘paylines’ mean, and how to play these modern day slot games.

The payline indicates a win line for want of an easier term to understand. If symbols are matches across a win line, you win. Pretty simple so far right?

Well to add value, you can combine win lines, and other features can also be thrown in. Like a Scatter Wild symbol. Whoa there – hold your horses… what’s one of those when it’s at home? Well a Scatter Wild symbol is a nominated symbol in the game that has the ability to turn other symbols in the game wild. By turning wild, they are injected with more value, and usually a value multiplier. So if the symbols value initially was 4 coins, and the wild carries a 4 x multiplier. Then you would receive 4 x 4 coins.

They’re just names at the end of the day, and you don’t need to be the most skilful of casino players to understand the process. Simply spin your way to success!

Below are some slot games you can play for free, read more info about each and then decide if you would want to play for real.

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