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 Take a look inside our Casino Index and find your perfect casino. There are hundreds to choose from, so we have selected some of the finest from the industry for you to try. Be sure to also check out our Live Casino index too – here you’ll find an index of all the latest Live Casinos and Live Dealers.

Nowadays it’s actually quite difficult to think of a world without online casino. It seemed like so long ago but, in actuality, the transition of land based casino in the world of online casino is as recent as 1994.

The modern day Online Casino

Thanks to the ever present trustiness of the internet, advances in broadband connections and innovative software developers, this has really paved the way for the development of online gambling. Due to the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act, online casinos made their way into the homes of thousands of online players and has now become a way of life now for millions of people.

These days, millions of people go online every day to play at online casinos. Not everyone lives within a comfortable distance of a casino, and not all of those who do would go to them anyway.

With bonuses and promotions offered at almost any online casino, a player can play online at his or her own comfort, and in the comfort of their very own home.

Why Online Casino?

Online Casino has been a part of everyday life, in a way that land-based casinos never really have been. Land-based casinos are destinations that a minority of the population would actually go, whereas online casinos have brought the possibility of playing casino games into every home.

The transition to online casino has really meant that anyone can play casino games, no matter where they are. Vast numbers of people who would never previously have dreamed of visiting a land-based casino can now play casino games online with a large amount of privacy. You can give many of the games a try in freeplay to see if you like it, and if not you don’t have to commit more than a few minutes to it. You don’t even need to put any money down. Pretty much all of the casino sites let you play in demo mode, which means you can try out whichever games you want without any risk to yourself. Equally though, you will not receive any winnings for this type of play.

The odds of winning at an online casino can be higher than that of a Land based Casino, and here’s how.

Usually, players find that with some games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat a player has the same chances of winning at an online casino as they do at a land-based casino. However, with games like slots and video poker, the odds are higher against players at land-based casinos. Most slots and video poker offered at land-based casinos have a payout of 90% – 92%. Slots and video poker in online casinos, however, generally have a payout of over 97%.

There are now well over 500 legalised online gaming sites. Most of these online casinos boast many franchises, affiliates, and subsidiaries. Revenues generated from online gambling are in the region of $18 Billion per annum! This can also be higher when breaking down territories and also looking at unregulated gaming.

This revenue is reflected in the wide offering of games.

For online casinos this includes Baccarat, Craps, Roulette, Keno, Slots, Video Poker and the ever popular Progressive Jackpot games. Many individuals, myself included, prefer online casinos to Brick and Mortar Casinos (B&M casinos) because they offer a better house advantage with mind-blowing animations and sound effects giving an experience of a land based casino but at my own comfort and convenience!

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